ROBBEN “Resilience” EP Scan X & Ferdinand Prairie remixes – Out Nov, 22th

Label co-founders Ben Men & Rob Malone aka Robben drop their debut EP on BTRAX Records, featuring remixes from Scan X and Ferdinand Prairie.

The multifaceted French duo Robben have been at the forefront of France’s electronic music since the early nineties. Their BTRAX events, situated at Laurent Garnier’s REX Club, saw the likes of Extrawelt, Etapp Kyle, Steve Rachmad, Gregor Tresher, Scan 7, Traumer, and Dasha Rush gracing their parties.

Since then, the co-founded Paris imprint BTRAX Records continues to grow its catalogue with Ben Men, Camille Rodriguez and Meda previously releasing and featuring in the cuts. Now the duo returns to deliver their next joint single on BTRAX alongside two driving techno remixes from fellow French artists; Stéphane Dri, Volphonie and F Communications, aka Scan X, and REX Club regular Ferdinand Prairie aka Präri.

Robben’s original mix of ‘Resilience’ opens the EP with driving mid-range kicks, responding cymbals, climbing 303-esque synths and an addictive modular riding groove, Scan X then pushes this melody into a euphoric space whilst gating the percussion to elevate the energy in
his remix of ‘Resilience’.

Ferdinand Prairie’s ‘Resilience’ remix takes the aural experience into a new soundscape with rhythmically bubbling synthesizer-work, saturated claps and stereo flickering pads.

Robben’s thumping organic-techno piece ‘No Future’, which closes the release, grabs attention with its striking bell hits, distorted snares and stretching white noise builds.

Robben ‘Resilience’ drops on BTRAX Records on 22nd November 2019.